Triple B's Trips - New Added 2/8/2013


Wow, it's certainly been a long time since Booker and I went on an adventure, so it's about time to tell you about our latest travel that happened on 2.7.2013! This time we went well off the beaten path, waaaay over to Page, Arizona. Not long after we left Kanab, Utah, we passed by this strange site, so we just had to stop for a quick picture.....some isolated, almost abandoned faux old-timey store front strip mall type place:

We still had over an hour to go until we reached our final destination and we had no time to investigate further, so on we went. After a little over two hours of driving, we finally arrived in Page, so we decided to take a little rest:
We made quick work of setting up the displays at these unknown schools, then we had a quick lunch and got back on the road to head back home. Of course, we had to make a few stops, since all this territory was so new to us. One place we stopped to investigate was around the Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam's pictures of both sides of the Dam:

I wish we could have stopped at more places to take pictures of the outer reaches of Lake Powell, but there were no places to pull off where we were driving! Heading back home, there was a "scenic stop" in Paria (I think that's pronounced "Pah-REE-ah") - I've never heard of it before, but apparently this area was home to many western movies. The information boards at the head of the dirt road gave a lot of information about the area:

Due to the fact that I was driving a Ford F-150, I decided to brave the dirt trail leading down to the site - talk about an adventure!! Bouncing around in the cab of the truck was kindof fun but kindof scary, considering the fact that some parts of the trail had a rather steep drop-off on one side. Once we got down to the area where the picnic tables and "restroom" was, there were more plaques with info about the movie location, but seeing as how the movie set location required travelling along several miles of squishy creek beds, we decided against it, and instead took a final picture of a really neat mountain range:
We were spinning our rear tires a couple of times trying to turn around and make our way back out of that area because of all the mud, but we made it out and got back on the highway in no time, and headed back home. What a nice adventure!




Yesterday Booker and I did a lot of driving to set up displays in some schools, and on the way to them, Booker spotted a really old fire truck in one of the towns, so I told him we'd check it out on the way back. He wanted a photo of him sitting up front, but I didn't think it would be good for him to be climbing all over it, so he settled for posing on the side of it instead.

Are  you ready for your close-up, Booker?

As we were driving away, he happened to spot a familiar sight, which got him rather excited and he made me pull in for another photo.

Can you find Booker? He just loves posing for photos.



11/22/2012 - Turkey Day the Booker Way!

Hello Everyone! For Thanksgiving this year, Booker and I went up North a bit to spend the weekend with family and extended family for a combined Thanksgiving/Christmas Party gathering. Booker and I ended up staying at my sisters house during that time, and Booker fell in love with a couple of decorative items out front:

My sister's family recently got a couple of new additions to their household, a little cockapoo puppy named buddy....

...and a gorgeous kitty named Nikita....

Booker chose to sit out the photo ops with the new additions, as they were showing a bit too much interest in his arms and legs.

My Aunt reserved the church near her house for our party, we had so many people there. The food was excellent, the company was awesome, and everyone had a great time. Very sorry we didn't manage to get more pictures of everything that went on, but rest assured we had a wonderful time!

 (The aftermath...)

Tomorrow we make the trek back home to Southern Utah and Monday we all get back to work. It was a wonderful mini vacation and it was great being able to spend time with family that we have not seen in such a long time!

Until our next adventure,



Hi Everyone!

This page falls under the "& Such" portion of my blog. This page will be dedicated to my newly adopted travel buddy, Booker the British Bear (hence the name of the page, "Triple B"). I found Booker on November 3rd, hidden away in a cluttered storage unit, and decided to adopt him and take him with me as I travel around Southern Utah (and beyond), letting him experience life beyond the storage unit, complete with photos. Some trips maybe be more interesting than others, some may take more time, but Booker tells me he's excited to see what's beyond that storage unit.

His first trip with me happened today, November 5th. He came with me as I delivered orders to some of the schools I do work for. For anyone who doesn't know yet from reading my page on FB, I work for a company called Books Are Fun; we are a business that sets up displays in schools all over the place, typically in faculty lounges. After a week or so, the teachers and staff at the school fax us the entire order for the school and we fill the orders and bring them to the schools and collect the payments. That's the Reader's Digest Condensed version of what I do. :) 

I do a lot of driving, as you can imagine, and some of the scenery here in Southern Utah and in Arizona is beautiful. Anyway, here's Booker on his first day travelling with me! Here we are in the morning, logging the mileage and getting ready for the long drive to our first school:

After about half an hour of driving, I had to make a pit stop, so Booker took this time to get a quick picture taken at a gas station just before we crossed the border into Arizona:
We spent about an hour at the first school going thru all the paperwork and filling all the orders, then it was back on the road to head to the second school, making another pit stop at a gas station in Arizona, where Booker grabbed another photo op. The building in the background on the left is the Tribal Headquarters for the Kiabab Band of the Piute Indians:
At the second school, Booker decided he wanted to help me out with all the paperwork I had, but he couldn't manage to hold the pencil quite steady enough:
Then it was off to the third and final school (that's right, only three stops today, but the first one was actually two schools combined - I usually do between 4 and 6 schools each time I make deliveries - some deliveries are well over 100 items for one school!). Afterwards we headed back home and time to relax a bit. 135 miles logged, not bad for Booker's first day out!
Thanks for joining us, and stay tuned for Booker's next trip!

P.S. Thanks Pink for helping me understand what this little guy's name was! :)



  1. I so love his name choice :) and this is a fun blog. It reminds me of the traveling thing that they had where they send it around the word getting pictures in front of things and sending it along to another person LOL.

  2. I'm loving The Booker Bear adventures!


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