Saturday, November 24, 2012

T-Day Weekend Mini Sally Haul

Hi Everyone!

So on the 22nd of November me and the folks drove up North a bit to celebrate a combined Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration with the rest of the family and some extended family. My folks had my name for Christmas this year, and they got me a Sally Beauty Supply gift card, along with a couple of other things. Today my sister and I went to Sally Beauty Supply and I picked up a few polishes using my gift card, so here's my mini-haul!

From left to right we have  Orly - Ingenue, Nina Ultra Pro - Burst My Bubble and China Glaze - Get Carried Away.

Get Carried Away is my first "real" multi-glitter bomb polish... it contains black and silver micro glitters, red, silver and black hex glitters and black bar glitters in a grey/black tinted base. The brush is a bit wonky, but since it was the only one there, I decided to get it anyway, figuring I could trim the brush a bit later on.

I've already put it on my nails, and I regretfully have to say that I'm a little disappointed in it. The hex glitters don't come out very easily so a lot of fishing is required and I also had to do a bit of strategic placing of said glitters. I also noticed that the bar glitters had a tendancy to curl. Maybe it was just this bottle. Does anyone else have this polish, and if so what did you think of it?

I tried it over two coats of the Burst My Bubble, thinking it would be a good combo, wasn't. Because of the tinted base of Get Carried Away, you can't even tell there are really light pink undies there. I think maybe Get Carried Away would look good with light grey undies, or else all on it's own.

Anyway, these three polishes were my "in advance" Christmas gift from my folks, so thank you! :D



  1. Nice little haul! Booker helping you with your manis now? LOL!
    I've never had issues with the bars or strip bits curling. That's weird.
    Most polishes with bigger glitters in them take some getting used to. I usually check to see what I got on my brush and try to get the good stuff spaced out.
    I'm also not a big fan of tints bases with most glitters. I like to pick my own, so clear is my favorite. I do like the tints when it makes the polish. Such as the Jawbreaker one. That milky base looks awesome with the glitter bits.
    That Orly one looks fun. The Ulta Pro pink reminds me of the color I've seen used with the mustache & bow tie manis. Congrts!

    1. nah, he's worse than I am at applying polish :) I think with this new China Glaze glitter polish I will try brushing a bunch onto a sponge and putting it onto my nails using the sponge - maybe that way I'll get more of the glitter and less of the tinted base. Worth a shot, anyway. And yes, the Jawbreaker one in the milky base really does make the polish. :)


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