Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A sort of "TIOT", Orly "Royal Velvet"

Hi everyone!

So tomorrow I am back to work, so needed to cover my nails with something. I was rummaging thru my polishes and I happened upon Orly's "Royal Velvet", a lovely blue-purple duochrome with a shimmery finish that caught my eye. Since I just finished two coats and a topcoat about an hour ago, the sun has long since gone down, so I cannot show this beauty in the sunlight, but I did try to take a couple of pics that would show the shift between colors. The pics shown, as I mentioned, are two coats and a clear topcoat, but I really think that three coats would have been better, I was just impatient.
Here are the two pics trying to capture the shift difference between the purple and the blue:
I really like this polish, I've never worn it before, but I like the shift and the shimmer of it. Tho I think I really need to look into getting (making) myself a light box to try to get my pictures to turn out better.
Do you have this Orly polish? What do you think of it?


  1. I don't own any Orly but this looks yummy!

    1. these pics really don't do this polish justice. it's just beautiful. actually got complimented on the color by a teller at the bank today :D


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