Friday, August 17, 2012

Intro and Explanation - Why a new blog?

Hi everyone!
My name is Michelle, but everybody calls me Crimson, so I'm more used to that. 
I live in Southern Utah and am not married, have no children, so I have plenty of time to play around with my polish stash!
This blog will be a place for me to share my nail art and manicures, as well as polish swatches, hints and tips, links to other blogs, and eventually my crafty stuff and photographs I've taken, when the mood strikes me.

I originally had a nail blog that I started in the beginning of July of this year, but about a week ago, I tried to remove a newly created email address and the whole blog got deleted. I tried several times to fill out the information needed to undelete the blog, but after all of my tries, I was told that it was not possible to undelete it because the information provided was not sufficient to prove I was the owner. Whatever. So Anyway, since today is my birthday (Happy Birthday to meeeee) I decided that I would start a new blog and make a fresh start. 


  1. That so frustrating! Glad you're giving it another go :) Happy Birthday from your very first follower ;)

  2. Happy birthday, dearie, from Enchanted Nails and Fluffy Dog Tails! So glad you've got a new blog!

  3. Replies
    1. thank you! now let's all cross our fingers, knock on wood, turn around three times and all that other stuff to ensure that I don't accidentally delete THIS one, as well!

  4. Welcome back and happy birthday!

  5. Welcome back!!! And happy birthday...birthday buddy! ;)

    1. hah hah thank you birthday buddy! Hoping you had an infinitely more enjoyable birthday than I did :D

  6. Wow, I thought you'd gone quiet! How frustrating! Although yay, new blog!


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