Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Stroke Fail Nails

Hi everyone!
If you have been following me on Facebook , you may remember the youtube video tutorial I posted not long ago detailing how to do one stroke flower painting on your fingernails. To watch the tutorial, click right here .
On my Facebook page, I said that I wanted to try this. So tonight, I tried it.

And failed. Really bad.

I have some acrylic paints that I have had I decided to break them out and try my hand at this one stroke brush painting thing.
It looks so easy.......but don't be fooled!! I think my acrylic paints were too runny or maybe I just sucked too hard or something, but wow. It looks like a three year old scribbled on my nails or something.

I showed it to my mom (who is usually the first to see my new nail art and give her honest opinion, and I love her for that!), and she said "Well, I like the one on the middle finger".....hahahaha. I love you, mom!
I am thinking that I have got to practice this one stroke brush painting a lot more before I attempt this again. What do you guys think? Have you ever done the one stroke brush painting on your nails before?

P.S. The base color on my nails is the wee "franken" I did last night by mixing white and black to get myself a light grey. Still have to come up with a name for it, but i'm leaning towards naming it "Steam".


  1. Okay, I'm gonna be honest here... I watched the video you linked to and came back and looked at your pics closeup... Tbh, I think your flowers are cuter than hers. I'm sure everyone else will agree. I know you don't have the white edges on the flowers but who cares, right? lol. I love the flower at the edge of your thumb nail the best. :)

    1. dawwww! you're too sweet! thanks so much :)

  2. Ok.. so I was going to comment that I think urs look better but someone beat me too it LOL. Also, I had no idea that the dotter would improve the image so much of what she was doing.. i so need to get one of those. BUt I LOVE UR NAILS as always.


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