Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wet Cement :)

Hi everyone!
Tonight I decided to break out a polish that a FB friend of mine gave to me, that I have yet to try. It is WnW's Wet Cement. Looking at it in the bottle, I was all "meh"...was not very impressed with it. But once I got it on my tips I loved it! It's a very lovely medium taupe, sortof a brownish taupe with a purplish undertone to it. 

Looks great on my nails!! I did two coats of it to reach opaque. Then I decided i'd look thru my decals, since I have tons of decals that I hardly ever use. I found these white floral decals that looked lovely on it, so here it is:

I probably could have done with more decals on the thumb, but I love how the decal on the ring finger looks with this polish. I am glad I finally decided to try out this polish, I am loving it!

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