Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Very Lovely

Hi everyone!
A day or so ago I was doing my regular blog browsing (and also re-following blogs I'd been following before the icky blog deletion catastrophe of mine), and I happened to get back onto a wonderful British blog I had been following, The Nail Newbie . Several days ago she did a post that had a very simple but oh so lovely nail art design that made my wee nubs go "SQUEE!", and I knew I had to do it myself. You can see the inspiration for this new nail art right here!
At first I was going to go with a light pinkish base color like she did, but nothing I had in my stash cried out to me. Then I saw it....an untried, unnamed Hello Kitty polish in a purplish taupe that made me smile. You know I love HK. A Facebook friend of mine sent me this polish a while back, along with a PLETHORA of other yummy polishes. So, I made that the base coat.
Then, since I am still really clumsy when it comes to using my new nail art brushes, I instead reached for a fine-tip black sharpie, and very (sortof) carefully did each letter of the word "love" on my nails. (I have fairly shaky hands so the lines were a tad wobbly..)

After I got the letters on my nails, I thought they needed a little "something-something", so I broke out my MASH plates. On plates 16 and 17 I found little heart images, so I used #16 on my thumb with WnW's Disturbia, and #17 (cleaning one or two hearts off with a q-tip) to stamp on my other fingers. Then, at the suggestion of a couple ladies on my FB page, I added little gold dots to each nail in various places.
Pay no mind to the center of the "o" on my middle finger - I overstamped and tried to clean it up, but just ended up smudging things around. D'oh!
So ladies, what do you think? Win or Fail? Do you think you'd ever do this on your own nails?
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Until next time,


  1. I like the purple and gold! It dresses up the taupe nicely and you could even go thicker with the lines next time (like writing with those isn't hard enough!). great job!

    1. thanks! I was thinking of going thicker with the lines originally but I only had a choice between a fine line sharpie and a very thick sharpie which with my cursive writing would have been a bit too thick for my liking (I practiced on paper first hah hah) so I opted for the fine line this time :)

  2. Replies
    1. thank you! I really like it - it's super easy and so adorable!

  3. I would so do this on my nails. fab job :)

    1. Thanks! I just know that I am going to be doing this one again in the future, with different colors - it's so easy to do and a very unique look


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