Saturday, August 18, 2012

Uptempo Plum and my new mani mascot!

This morning, to try and forget about the pain and swelling in my jaw, I decided to break out one of the polishes my FB friend sent me in my birthday nail mail. It's Uptempo Plum, a Sally Hansen Instadry. At first glance it looks black, but if you look closely, or you're out in the sun, you'll see that it's actually a VERY deep plum color with a slight reddish shimmer to it. Very lovely, I adore dark colors. (sorry, no swatches :( )

After I went to WalMart earlier today and picked up a few polishes, I decided to use my new Ice Queen on my ring fingers and thumbs. Not bad, not bad at all! Another friend of mine on FB has a sort of "mani mascot" that she holds when she's taking pictures of her manicures, and so I started wondering...I should get myself a mani mascot! (Sorry to copy you but the idea was so cute and clever that it had to be done!)

I was thinking, looking around my room, and then my eyes settled on this adorable mini bunny plush that looks like a marshmallow bunny peep on my wall shelf. I bought this cute plush a long time ago from a good friend at her Etsy shop, Gummy Bunny Studios .

The young woman that runs the shop is so talented, very creative, super nice and quite intelligent. You should really check out her shop if you are looking for unique, cute and well made trinkets and gift ideas.

I know, I know, it looks like a dormant shop right now, but I have spoken with the owner of the shop and she assures me that while she's been rather busy with other things in her life right now, she has plans to start listing more things in her Etsy shop soon. She even plans to start doing painted acrylic nail sets! I can't wait to see them! So keep her in mind if you're looking for affordable, adorable and creative gift ideas, for yourself, or for someone else! Now, a couple of pictures!
Isn't that peep bunny plush so cute?? I love it! It has a little glittery pompom tail that makes it even cuter. You can see pics of it at the Gummy Bunny Studios shop .
And now, since the flash on my camera really doesn't capture the small hex glitters of Ice Queen, I present to you a somewhat crappy no-flash picture of my thumb nub :
I quite like the way Ice Queen looks over Uptempo Plum, even tho I had to fish a bit to get the little hex glitters out. what is your opinion of the overall mani? What do you think about my newly christened mani mascot?

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