Monday, August 20, 2012

Restocking some supplies

Hi Everyone!
The time comes for us all when we must venture out and restock our supplies. Today was my restocking day. I'm running dangerously low on cotton balls and polish remover, so those were a must. I also wanted to get some acetone to have on hand for cleaning out empty polish bottles and easier clean up after a mani.
The feathers and glitter I picked up at the new JoAnn's that recently opened up not too far from us. I got the feathers in order to recreate a cool feather mani I saw on YouTube, and the glitter...well...I haven't figured out what to do with the glitter yet, but it was so pretty I couldn't pass it up. The cotton rounds, magnets, remover, acetone and HK Dig 'n Dips were purchased at Walmart. (Yes, HK stuff is a necessary supply item!) I can't believe how much more HK stock Walmart has been carrying these days. It used to be that the best HK stuff could only be found at Target. Thank you, Walmart!
Surprisingly enough, even tho I walked up and down the beauty aisles looking at the polishes, I didn't buy any. 
So ladies, what do YOU think I should do with all those packets of glitter?


  1. Make your own polish! There are plenty of tutorials out there using eyeshadow and glitter. :D

    1. i thought about dumping a bunch of the glitter into one of the sheer polishes i have set aside that i will never use, and making a milky sort of glittery topcoat...but i am not sure yet whether i'd prefer a milky base, or a clear base, when it comes to glitters. maybe i could put a small pool of it on a plate and sprinkle some of the glitter in there and mix it around and see how well i like it before going gung-ho and pouring the glitter directly into the polish bottle...

    2. Don't just pour glitter into a polish. Especially if it's not made for polish. I dumped a load of green glitter into a clear base and within a week, it had bled into the polish, turning it green and the glitter white. Nice polish, but not what I had intended. Also, don't put eyeshadow or glitter into plain old clear/base/topcoats. The glitter/eyeshadow WILL sink. What I do is mix them in with a pre-bought glitter polish, adding a very small amount of clear if you want to bulk it out. The microglitter polish will help suspend the glitter so it won't sink. Def experiment with small amounts in any spare bottles before you make a full bottle... Woah! Long post! lol! You could also splash out and buy glitter suspension base but that costs a fortune!

    3. informative and helpful post, thank you ! I was considering taking an existing shimmer/glitter polish that I never use and testing the glitter out on that, as well. I definitely don't know what i'm doing but hey, it never hurts to experiment! :D


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