Friday, August 31, 2012

My awesome Birthday Do-Over Nail Mail!!!

Hi everyone!!

I am SO excited over today's post because I got a wonderful, wonderful box filled with goodies from a friend of mine on FB. In the cute little cupcake card she sent with everything she said "...since you were sick on your birthday, we can pretend this is a do over." I'm all for that!! (for those who didn't know, I had a massive tooth/lower jaw infection on my birthday and I had to go to the doctor and get antibiotics and was absolutely miserable. Everything's ok now, tho!)

Look, just LOOK at all the awesome stuff she sent me!!!

First, the list of polishes:
Megan Miller - Lemon Ice (I know, right?? Megan Miller!! :O ) I love the peacock feather on the bottle, and the bottle and cap are so cool looking.

WnW Magnetic - A Force To Be Reckoned With (my first magnetic!)

WnW Wild Shine - Sparked (pink glittery goodness!)

Sinful Colors - Snow Me White (SO glad I didn't buy this a couple days ago like I was planning on - finally a decent white!!)

Sinful Colors - Rich In Heart

OPI - Pepes Purple Passion

Nicole by OPI - Just Busta Mauve

Pure Ice - Busted

Also 2 little boxes of minis, 8 that are color polishes and 8 that are glitter polishes.

And if all those awesome polishes weren't enough, she also sent me:

All seasons and all episodes of True Blood!! (you know what I will be doing tonight!)


A little box of Russell Stover assorted chocolates

Hello Kitty boxes of candy!!

A cool palette of 12 different eyeshadows!! Gorgeous colors!

A small spiral notebook with cupcakes  on the front and back cover. So cute!

A Memory card game that has cupcakes on the cards

A 5 pack of mini gel pens

two sheets of little rainbow stickers, one with hearts and one with holographic-y stars!

I love, love, love everything in my birthday do-over box, thank you SO much!!

Can't wait to wear these polishes! ~pops a Hello Kitty candy in her mouth and smiles~


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